Lula Dimond

Name: Lula Dimond

Gender: Female

Age: 19, very young. Probably one of the youngest escorts.

Home: The Capitol

Job: Escort for District 7

Apperance: True to her name, Lula has had dimonds implanted into her eyes to make them sparkle. Her hair is a light, silver gray and she is always wearing sparkling white makeup. She is very short, barly four foot. About 60-70 pounds. Very busty.

Personality: Lula is a bright, cheerful, and always smileing. She always seems to be in a state of movment. It is on rare ocasions that you would ever see her stand still. Can seem like a ditz at time, very oblivius


  • Favorite Color: Silver
  • Favorite Food: Chicken encrusted with edible dimonds.

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